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Xeno Hubs


The hub is the heart of the wheel and the foundation on which the bike is built. KOM Xeno hub's industry-leading performance means the foundations of the bike are done right.

Our patent-pending 'Infinity Drive' design has revolutionised the hub, creating new possibilities for improved function.

Hubs from £550 rear and £275 front



Advantages of the Xeno Hub:

Patent pending 'Infinity Drive' design

Fast and reliable 120 points of engagement

Lifetime Warranty on Axles and Hubshell

Unmatched stiffness and strength

Super low pedalling drag

Very competitive weight

Straight pull spoke lugs optimized for replacing spokes without removing your wheel from the bike

Modular design – every part replaceable

Customizable with coloured hubs and interchangeable secondary coloured caps

Premium engraving

Floating bearing design for reduced bearing drag; resulting in prolonged bearing life


Custom Colours

Customizable caps cover the ratchet system on the rear hubs and aid sealing on front and rear hubs.

Fancy a change of colour? These caps are replaceable and can be switched out with ease.

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