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About us


KOM is based in the Peak District; home to some of the best natural mountain bike trails in the UK. With 30 years of working in the aeronautical industry, the people behind KOM have the knowledge and experience to make products that perform and last well. All of us at KOM are keen mountain bikers with a long history of riding in the peaks.


"Necessity is the mother of invention." As our rides became more frequent and harsher on bikes, the lack of durability and performance of components became more apparent. Our main strife was with poorly designed hubs. Riding more, our pile of broken axles, broken ratchets and other hub failures lead to an expanding pile of dead wheels. The necessity for something better became increasingly pressing. We knew this needed to be improved, so began the task of redesigning hubs.

There is an array of issues with the current selection of hubs on the market. Many suffer from problems such as broken axles, broken ratchets, premature bearing wear etc. After looking at the design of other hubs, its easy to see why. Obvious weak points are built into certain designs and some parts can't be replaced or repaired.

  After coming up with a radical new approach to a rear hub, we were confident our idea was ahead of the curve.

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