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Modular Design



KOM hubs have been designed to work in modular way.

The main benefits for the user that this brings are:




Flexibility:  With many hubs it is possible to change the type of 

axle or cassette driver but sometimes large numbers of expensive components are required essentially replacing most of the hub.  With KOM it is possible to change from SRAM to Shimano HG or Micro Spline changing just one component (or module) the cassette driver.  With KOM the same is true for other components as well.

Repairability:  Extending this ability to replace all components, if required, means that a KOM hub can nearly always be repaired.  KOM often use the example of their easy to replace ratchet as many riders have experienced ratchet failure in inferiour products that have resulted in a whole new wheel being required.  (You are not alone.  Multiple episodes of dead wheel syndrome lead to KOM's design imperitive that the ratchet and pawls must be easy to replace for the rider.)

Upgradeability:  Another benefit of the modular design is that 

the Xeno hub can easily be upgraded often by replacing a single component part. An obvious example might be changing the end cap.  This might be just for a slylistic change of colour or maybe to add a cap with a speed sensor magnet for an E-bike.  There are of course many other possibilities too.

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