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Future-proof your frame design


KOM CAD Models for Bicycle Frame Design


The information below is to aid those designing bicycle frames or components for manufacture.  These files will enable easy checking of fit with Xeno hubs at the design stage.

(If you want to upgrade your personal bike to run Xeno hubs you may be at the wrong part of the web site.  For how to check clearance on your personal bike please click here.)

You can download CAD (STEP) files of the Xeno rear hub that can be quickly and easily inserted into the 3D model assembly of the bike you are designing.  These files should insert into most 3D bike design software.  

Download the approriate model for your bike frame dropout width and insert it into your assembly on the rear axle of the bike.  Various brake disc diameters can be turned on or off in the model to suit your calliper location.  The CAD models are a rotated volume part so you can directly check clearance with the 'hub' in place without the need to rotate the model in your assembly.  Just check you have clearance of 1mm or more between the model and the bike frame. (Or a dimension larger than your frame build tolerance in this area.)

Where to Check Clearance

Clearance issues are sometimes noticed between brake disc bolt heads and brake calliper mounts. (KOM use a larger Bolt Circle Diameter attaching their brake discs to Xeno hubs.)

Background Explanation


Our revolutionary drive-system has slighlty different dimensions and clearance requirements compared to most other legacy hubs. 

The area in which the drive system is located (Rear Hub, Disc Side) takes up slightly more space near the disc brake calliper mount than most other hubs.

ISO Brake Mounts

All ISO mount frames will fit.  Some modification of calliper mount adapter is occasionally required: From none at all to over 1mm.  You may need to file a small amount of material off the adaptor (depending on its shape and thickness) to clear the brake disc (ratchet cap) bolt heads.

Post Brake Mounts


Most post mount frames will generally fit just fine.  However a small number of post mount bike frames may have minimal clearance for the hub.  Sometimes the curve of the rear post

comes a bit close to the hub disc bolt head. 

Clearance with low profile screws_edited.jpg

Flat Mount Brakes


Flat mount brakes have the calliper lateral adjustment in the frame (slotted bolt holes). See below:

Flat Mount 140mm Diameter Native.png

This image shows the hub inserted in frame set up for 140mm

native Flat Mount brake calliper.

Clearance seems to be an issue when the bike has 140mm  diameter native rear disc Flat Mount setup (above).

Flat mount brakes with 160mm diameter native rear disc setup generally have plenty of clearance (below).

Flat Mount 160mm Diameter.Bosch Sensor Clearance Purplepng

Flat mount for 160mm native Flat Mount brake calliper 

generally has plenty of clearance.

How to use the 3D CAD Models:

  1. Choose the file to match your dropout width. (135mm, 142mm or 148mm)

  2. Download the appropriate .zip file to your computer.

  3. Unzip the file.

  4. Open the .step file from your 3D design software.

  5. It will build and open the hub assembly.

  6. Insert the model into your bike frame model.

  7. Locate the hub on the axle centre and brake side dropout.

  8. Switch on the appropriate size of brake disc, if required.

  9. There is also a clearance model for Bosch E bike sensor clearance which could be useful.  (Purple in the image below.)  Normally this can be switched off.

Flat Mount 160mm Diameter.Bosch Sensor Clearance Purplepng

This image shows the hub inserted in frame with brake discs

switched off but Bosch magnet sensor (purple) switched on.

It can be seen that there is plenty of clearance.

It is best to avoid really tight clearance as frames might vary slightly from theoretical design.  Lower profile options are available but the standard version is far easier for the user.

0.25mm Clearance.png

Clearance is a bit tight above.  If the frame differs from design even slightly

there could be unwanted wear.  Lower profile options are available but are more difficult for users.

Some frames incorporate a removable brake mount that attaches to the frame (black component below).  The brake calliper then attaches to the adapter.

Brake Adapter Type Brake Mount.png

The separate black component above could easily be manufactured with plently of hub clearance.

The photo below shows how the black componet above was made with the post bends at different radii from the rear axle.

Changing the location of the bend slightly in the rear post gives plenty of clearance.  (In this case a little was machined away.) 

Adapter after modification.jpg

This black component was modified slightly.  (Silver machined area above) These could easily be manufactured with plently of hub clearance.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

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