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Unmatched Stiffness and Strength

120 reliable points of engagement

Lifetime Warranty on Axles and


Industry-leading pedalling efficiency

Rear hub from 260g

Modular & Upgradeable

KOM Xeno bicycle turquoise with silver cap
KOM Xeno rear bicycle hub purple with red cap

Our patented, innovative hub design, with Infinity drive allows KOM to design and produce a hub that is far superior in performance.


KOM is based in the Peak District; home to some of the best natural mountain bike trails in the UK. We see ourselves as pioneers for state of the art design, utilizing British Engineering to manufacture industry leading bicycle components. 

Hope Valley Castleton from Winnats pass
2024-06-24 (12)_edited.jpg

"This hub design is genius. Crazy that it’s taken this long to come up with" - @Velodictorian

"As soon as I saw the freewheel on the other side I thought "Of course, that makes so much more sense". Once you have that idea the advantages just keep falling into place." - @andypughtube


 "Actual innovation. Not for everyone but probably the most durable hub available." - @rideordie35

"I’ll bet many hub designers are smacking their foreheads in a "why didn’t I think of this?" Thought." - @Someoldfart

leo holding side on cut out.jpg
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